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The Hazardous Materials Table Columns 1-5

The online hazmat training course provides the Hazardous Materials Table located in 49 CFR, §172.101. It contains more than 3,000 proper shipping names of substances most commonly shipped or carried as hazardous materials. The HMT specifies or references requirements pertaining to labeling, packaging, quantity limits aboard aircraft and stowage requirements for vessels based on proper shipping name, hazard class, identification number, and packing group. The table format contains 14 columns in 10 major headings, numbered 1 thru 10. Our discussion of the Table will be divided into two groups. The first group involves 1-5, which provides the information required for the basic description that is a key part of the shipping paper. The second group involves Columns 6-10, which provides specialized information necessary for packaging, marking, labeling, and other mode specific requirements.

The first five columns of the Online HAZMAT Training course contains the information required for the basic description that is required on the shipping paper document or the hazardous waste manifest, if required. The Table covers the transportation of hazardous materials in all modes air, water, rail and highway. It provides the proper shipping name of the material or directs the user to the preferred proper shipping name.

HAZMAT Incident Command System.

The primary question to be answered is whether the emergency response procedures have been followed. These procedures are outlined in the emergency response plan as well as in 1910.120(q)(3) of the standard.

If the employer fails to follow his/her emergency plan and also responds inappropriately, the CSHO should cite the employer for both actions. An example would be where an employer has designated the local fire department as the emergency responder, and then during an incident, fails to notify the department and sends in inadequately trained employees to respond to the incident. In that case, the employer should be cited under 1910.120(q)(1) and (q)(6).

Is there an Incident Command System? This is required in 1910.120(q)(3)(i).

The standard requires one individual, the most senior official on the site who has the responsibility for controlling site operations, to be in charge of the incident from beginning to end. The HAZMAT or HAZWOPER Incident Command System is to include a preestablished chain of command, in which control of the incident is passed up the chain of command as more senior officers arrive.



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